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Monday, August 30, 2010


Party primaries will be held in two

Voters enrolled in political parties
should vote in those party primaries
Tuesday, September 14 , Noon - 9 PM.

Why? To determine the primary
outcomes, and to learn how to vote on
the new voting systems.  Both will
impact the November 2 General

Democrats  have primaries for -

1. U S Senator (2 year term)
    incumbent Gillibrand v
    challenger Goode

2. A 5 way contest for NYS
    Attorney General - no
    incumbent.   Sean Coffey

3.  NYS Senate  46 SD (Albany County)
     Breslin v Martland.

3. Albany County Surrogate Judge
    incumbent Kate Doyle and 2

Republicans have primaries for -

1. Governor - Lazio v Paladino

2. Lt Governor- Edwards v Ognibene

3. U S Senator (full 6 year term)
    Berntsen v   Townsend

4. U S Senator  (2 year term)
    A 3 way contest: DioGuardi
    Malpass, Blakeman

5. NYS Assembly  105  AD
    Amedore v Parisi

6. NYS Assembly  109 AD
    A 3 way contest: Jennifer Whalen
    James Whalen Craig Hayner

Conservative Party Primaries for-

1. Governor- Republican Lazio
    v Conservative Lorigo

2. NYS Senate  44 SD
    Farley v Opportunity to ballot
    (Democrat Susan Savage)

3. NYS Assembly   109 AD

    A 3 way contest among 3
    Republicans,  Craig Hayner
    Jennifer Whalen, James Whalen

I have underlined my choices in
the above primaries.

For Governor

Republican (and former conservative
Democrat) Paladino  being from Upstate
will be a more formidable in November.

Carl needs to shape up his message and
improve his performance in  media

Read the recently released biography of
Governor Hugh Carey and how he dealt
with the fiscal crisis of 1975.

Lorigo is an enrolled Conservative
and real Conservative who should lead
that party line Nov. 2
Lazio, an enrolled Republican is NOT
a conservative.

Where is Ralph Lorigo? What is his

U S Senator (6 year term)

Republican Gary Berntsen has CIA
experience in Afghanistan and significant
foreign relations experience. Chuck Schumer
does not have these critical experiences.


Democrat Sean Coffey is a U. S Navy
Veteran, graduate of Georgetown Law
School and has significant experience as
an Assistant US Attorney, Southern
District working with law enforcement
as well as private practice experience
in civil and corporate matters.

For NYS Senator, 46th SD

The divil ye know is better than the one
you don't. ( an old Irish proverb)

In this case, we have two progressives who
differ little on the issues.

Therefore, the primary choice comes down
to the progressive you know rather than the
one you don't.

The November 2 General Election may present
a different choice.

Progressivism has destroyed the Democratic
Party and is destroying America.

May Neil come to recognize this, return
to the values of his parents and make
appropriate political course corrections.

For Albany County Surrogate Judge

Democrat Kate Doyle is the experienced
incumbent for the past 10 years. Surrogate
Court is where estate and guardianship
decisions are made. I know of no reason
why Judge Doyle should not be re-elected.

Note: There is no party primary for
Representative in Congress, 21st CD NY.

In the November 2d General Election
voters can choose to vote for incumbent
Paul Tonko (D-I-WFP), challenger Ted
Danz (R-C) or cast a write in vote for
Independent-Conservative Joe Sullivan.

Pass the word to all you know. The new
voting systems make write in voting a
real option.

                                             Joe Sullivan

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