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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Many thanks, Schoharie Patriots!

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Subject: [SPAM] Ted Danz, Tea Party Persona non grata

Ted Danz, Tea Party Persona non grata

Much as we hate to admit it, Ted Danz is not a friend to the Tea Party. Recent published reports on his GOP ties and issues with the "all to familiar" antics of the ingrained Two Party system have made Danz an insider, not the outsider he claims to be.

We find no difference between the "way" Danz does business than the way Tonko does business. A wink here, a nod there , a backroom deal here and slap on the back there, Danz has shown himself to be just another political party hack willing to make deals for the office. Danz is Chairman of the Guilderland Republican Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Albany County Republican Committee I'm at a loss as to how he can portray himself as an "outsider". His attempt to align himself with the Tea Party is only smoke and mirrors. The only thing the Tea Party means to him is votes. What the Tea Party stands for and what the Tea Party wants will fall on deaf ears if he is elected.

Ted Danz running for the 21st Congressional Seat is a lesson to be learned in "politics as usual" whether it's the GOP or Democrats his actions to lock out any third party candidates is typical "business as usual". Although we seem to associate ourselves more with the GOP and a "conservative" approach, the Tea Party has to remain independent of the two political "factions" and his actions speak louder than words.

We received a call from people supporting Danz and the call was an attempt to "bully" the Tea Party and "strong arm" what we say, what we do and who we can support and not support. It was a blatant attempt to make the Tea Party "tow the line". Fortunately they ran straight into Mimi who, if you haven't figured it out yet, doesn't like being bullied or strong armed.

I placed a call to the person representing Danz's who made the call to Mimi. Our conversation was amicable and he admitted he was the one who challenged Joe Sullivan's signatures to stop him from "taking votes away from Danz", in essence it was political hardball from the Albany GOP. Everyone surrounding Danz is part of the GOP/Republican party and from my conversation all they do is present Danz as a grassroots conservative when he is around the Tea Party and behind close doors in Albany he is just part of the same old GOP/Republican machine.

Although we won't endorse candidates, we do let our members know who is running. We feel a vote for Danz is no better than a vote for Tonko. We need change not a Democratic Hack or a another GOP Hack. So far the only candidate that has shown a true grassroots campaign is Joe Sullivan.

As we conclude our vetting on possible candidates, we'll keep all the members informed.

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