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Sunday, August 22, 2010


A good friend sent this response to the
previous post:

Thanks for the family history, Joy, it's a treasure.

Over the years while being admonished to be this and do that for the good of my soul and so that I could go to heaven (in the future, of course) I struggled with my inner self to formulate some few words to answer the question of my belief. The following is the best that I have been able to do:

That which is divine, is divine and wants no mere human sanction, as it has been generously shown that it transcends as such comprehension.

Anything that is created, divine or otherwise, whether a garden or a world is done so by act of love, and is cherished by its creator for all that it is, or is not, and for all it can become.

Therefore be joyful for everything that is and for everything that you are, even so that you must suffer the worst of it to know the best of it.

                                                                       Joe Sullivan

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