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Sunday, August 8, 2010


The electoral process in New York is a
form of organized, legal tyranny which
is designed and utilized to benefit insiders
of the two major political parties: Democrat
and Republican.

In this case a  Dominant Democratic Party
and their vassals in the Republican Party.

These political parties work hand in glove;
they appoint the elections commissioners
hire the lawyers to knock challengers off
the ballot, and they select the judges who
rule the petitions of challengers to be

The deck is stacked against challengers
from the start to finish.

Remember, there are only two political
parties, those in power (insiders) and
those who seek to be in power (outsiders).

They go by different names, at different
times and places.

At the top of the heap, they work hand
in hand. Only those, lower on the food
chain, are truly partisan, to a fault.

Last week the NYS Board of Elections
ruled my Conservative Party petition
invalid for having less than the required
of signatures because of  objections raised
by Theodore Danz, his allies and GOP
attorney,  who alledged that my petition
had 99 invalid signatures. The SBOE
in a report issued July 28, reduced that
number to 27 and stated I was 17 signatures
short of qualifying for the ballot.

I went to the Albany County Board of
Elections, knowing that the county board
rolls would be more accurate and up to
date that the SBOE rolls, and found 17
of the 27 were enrolled Conservatives.
that put me right at the mark.

The next day, July 29, the SBOE held
a hearing to review my petition and
objections thereto.

Danz was represented by a GOP
attorney, or two, and GOP State
Senate political operative Dan Farrell.

The hearing officer would not consider
the 17 signatures I claimed to be valid.
She further advised me that the SBOE
had reduced the July 28 report of
qualifying signatures by 2, leaving me
2 short of qualifying. No prior notice
of explanation of why was provided to
be, nor has the SBOE so provided me
to this date.

I went over the county voter rolls even
more closely, the next day, and found
one more signature to be that of an
enrolled Conservative - bring the
number to 18 of the 27 which the SBOE
28 July staff report declared invalid.
This would leave me 1 signature of the
mark to qualify for the ballot, ( or
1 over if the SBOE number of July 28
were the base, and SBOE concurred
with and accepted my findings that
18 of those 27 signatures declared invalid
by SBOE staff, were enrolled voters
of the Conservative party.

I advised the SBOE of this information
complete with voter ID numbers, names
addresses, etc. in advance of the August
5  SBOE Commissioners' meeting to rule
on petitions.

In addition,  I submitted an allegation
of voter fraud by one of the principal
witnesses on the Danz petition, who
discarded 12 valid petition signatures
for me, obtained and witnessed by a
Schenectady Conservative.

These 12 signatures would have put
me over the mark.

That person submitted a notarized
statement validating this incident of
voter fraud.

No evidence that the SBOE even
considered these factors.

On August 6, a UPS delivery dropped
at my door, informed me that the SBOE
had invalidated my petition because of
insufficent signatures.

The Board also validated the petitions
of Incumbent Tonko for the Democratic
Independence and Working Families party
ballot lines' and Danz for the Republican
and Conservative party ballot lines, and
certificates of acceptance and party
authorizations (Wilson Pakulas) relating
thereto - ignoring the objections I filed
with regard to same - that none of these
documents bear the correct public office
title - Representative In Congress,
21st Congressional District, New York.

My authorities for this are the U S
Constitution, Art 1, Secs 1, 2, 3 and 4
and the official websites of the SBOE
Albany County BOE. Check them out.

My petition was the only one that
correctly identified the public office.

Mine was ruled invalid, while the others
were not?  Strict construction of the law
for one and not the others? 

If the Election Law were evenly applied
by the SBOE, all petitions, and related
documents objected to should have been
declared invalid.

So, I can go to Court by this coming
Tuesday to ask for a judicial de novo

This would take a lawyer - one who
would have the ability and independence
to take on the case. No lawyer who wants
a career in the 3rd Department will,
dare represent me, in what would be
a fascinating landmark challenge to
the political insiders.

My objections are soundly based.

I could bring a pro se action, but this
would require more money and resources
than I have. 500 dollars or more. The
law library has limited summer hours.
Brushing up on all the forms, procedures
rules, timelines involved is not an easy
task. Many a court case is lost, not
on substance, but on techicalities.

So what to do?   Endorse Tonko?
Endorse Danz? (barf) Sit out the election?
Give up? Sit in and play a game where the
deck is stacked? Attend another Tea Party
rally and listen to the same old speeches
presented by the same cast of players.

The one held at the State Capitol yesterday
was more like a sparsely attended wake.

(However, there were some rousing speeches
and the small crowd was genuinely in support
of taking back our government and restoring
our representative Republican form of

One highlight, though was the rousing
speech prepared by GOP handlers and
read by Ted Danz, Rick Lazio supporters
all. Somehow, I missed it, and so did most
of the crowd.  Carl Paladino has Tea Party
support. Lazio does not. So, why was Danz
at the rally?)

None of these are acceptable options.

Too much is at stake in the November
2 General Election. The survival of America
and all Americans, (even 21st CD leftists)
are on the line.  When the ship goes down
all hands will be lost.

If you deny this, you are simply not paying
attention to reality.

This is America, where all things are

A new paper ballot electronic voting
procedure will apply to the November 2
General Election.

This procedure will make it easier than
ever to do a write in vote for the public
office of Representative in Congress
21st Congressional District, NY, and
any other public office up for election
on November 2.

Like many of my kin who served in
the U S Cavalry on the Western Frontier
when their horses were shot out from
under them, the troopers fought on foot.

The SBOE shot my Conservative ballot
line horse out from under me, August 5.

Trying to rope another mount in the
form of the  Independent Taxpayer Party
ballot  line is too elusive, and likely to meet
the same fate at the hands of  Danz and
his GOP objectors and attorneys,

Fortunately, I have plenty of ammo and
have the internet for my weapon.

I don't need a horse to win this fight!

No need to  beg for and spend a lot of
money to bombard the inattentive electorate
with constant subliminal media messages
tons of literature sent via the mails or
left littering their front doors and lawns,
or to participate in rigged debates
sponsored by groups aligned with the
political insiders or to be interviewed
by print reporters, and others, seeking
to land flack jobs in state agencies as
a reward for their "reporting" efforts.

The media won't give me the time of day
because I won't be contributing the big
cash they look forward to every election
in order to stay afloat. I know their game
and won't pay to play.

So, how will I get my message to the

The internet and word of mouth! And
maybe, local talk radio.

This blog is being read around the U S
and world. ( A big shout out to readers in
Ft Myers, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the
Muslim world)

If they can be reading this blog - so can
the voters of the 21st Congressional District.

Pass the word to family, friends, neighbors
co- workers. Send them this website link.
ell them to do the same, etc., etc.

Be sure to download this message and share
it to those who are not connected to the

Read- ( google)     Lonerangeralbany  

On November 2   write in:  

                         Joe Sullivan
                         Representative in Congress
                         21st Congressional District
                         New York

See you around.  Yes, I  am ready, willing
and able to serve you well and shake up the
members of theestablished Washington
Political Country Club. (otherwise known
as Congress)

All incumbents are scared. They know you
are angry. They control the candidate
nominating process. Theyare counting on
you to be confused and to be afflicted
with a massive case of political Attention
Disorder (PADD) or to be lost in depression
despair and hopelessness.

An informed electorate, voting in huge
numbers, November 2, holds the key to
saving America, and all Americans.

As the old drill sergeant on tv says: 
"listen up maggots
  and pass the word (ammo)"

Enjoy the waning days of summer 2010
but now and then cast a wary eye to
this blog and the political landscape.

Reflect on what could come our way
in the days ahead and be prepared to
save yourself and your loved ones.
Government, as currently constituted
is simply not up to the task!

                                         Joe Sullivan

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