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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Education is a local-state matter.

Get the Federal government out
of our schools. The Constitution
does not include education among
the enumerated responsiibilities
of the Federal government.

The NY Constitution says that
the State Legislature shall provide
for a system of public education.
Too much power and authority
has been given to the State Education

Scale back that power and provide
for more local control.

The Governor has no business
imposing a teacher evaluation
system based on mickey mouse
test scores. Repeal this.

Get the federal and state mandates
off our local backs.

The true measure of  educated
persons is found in their behavior
their ability to earn a living and
contribute to society by being
good citizens.

Improving the City schools is
an essential element in the survival
of the City of Albany.

Refer to the Sullivan plan for
Education and City schools as
presented in previous posts
on this website. Search Education
and Learning.

Elect me, and with Mayor Emeritus
Jerry Jennings, together,  we will 
improve the City schools to benefit
all the people of the City including
students, their parents and property

                           Joseph P Sullivan
                           For Albany Mayor
                           November 5

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