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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Congressman Paul Tonko voted NO
on HJ Resolution 72  a CR to fund
veteran's benefits through December

33 House Democrats voted  yes with
House Republicans. The vote was
264 yea to 164 nay(Democrats including
Tonko and others in the NY Delegation)

The Resolution failed because House
Rules require a 2/3 majority vote for

Here is the roll call vote:

 How would Senators Schumer and
Gillibrand have voted?

President Obama is on record as
declaring he would veto the CR
if it reached his desk.

The irony of all this is that the CR
is by sense of the House also known
as H.J  "Honoring Our Promise to
America;s Veterans Act"

Tonko never served a day in the
military, Nor did Schumer, Gillibrand
or Obama.

Tonko has endorsed Kathy Sheehan
for Mayor of Albany.

No rebuke for Tonko forthcoming
from Kathy Sheehan.

Honoring Our Promise to American
Veterans means nothing to all of
the above Democrats.

How can Albany Democrats tow
the party line for those who put party
allegiance before America and the
patriot veterans who have
served America and all of us?

We have a VA Hospital in Albany
because of Dan O'Connell.

The Democratic Party of today
is not the Democratic Party of
Dan O'Connell.

Dan served in the U S Navy in

                         Joseph P Sullivan

                         For Albany Mayor
                         Conservative Row C
                          November 5

                          US Navy  QM2

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