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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Self styled "progressives" have taken
over the Democratic Party leadership.

In Albany, Progressives took over the
the city schools. Now, they seek to
gain control of city government, this
year and county government next year.

Progressives are all about control.

Compare the Democratic Party
Platform of 1864 with the party
platform of today.


Democratic Party Platforms: Democratic Party Platform of 1864

In 1864 upholding the Constitution
states rights and  liberty were key
elements of the Democratic Party

Read what progressives are about:

A far cry from the party of Dan

In the City of Albany, November
5 General Elections for Mayor
and Common Council, Albany
Democrats will have the chance
(perhaps, their last chance)
to regain control of their party
by voting Conservative Row C.

The future of the city and their
personal futures are on the line
November 5.

                   Joseph P Sullivan

                   For Albany Mayor
                   Conservative Row C
                   November 5

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