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Friday, October 25, 2013


The Times Union editorial calls
for Immigration reform now:

Why now? What's the rush?

Read the above editorial  and 
compare it's statements and claims
with the facts regarding illegal 

LA County is exhibit A"

What about Albany County and City?

Come on TU - give us the facts
on what illegal immigration is
costing taxpayers here!

The Albany Common Council
passed a Resolution in 2007
declaring Albany a sanctuary city
for illegal aliens.

What about respecting the rule
of law?

Illegal aliens are lawbreakers
who have invaded our land
and who continue to break
numerous laws, including identity
theft/fraud and failure of all
males of 18 years and older to
register for the draft.


Put the whole question of
"comprehensive" immigration
reform off til next year so that
it becomes a focus for debate
by those who seek election
or reelection to the House and

The future of our Nation and
all American citizens outweighs
a rush to ram through poorly
crafted, flawed legislation like
the Senate bill sponsored by
Senator Schumer.

                       Joseph P Sullivan

                       For Albany Mayor
                       Conservative Row C
                        November 5

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