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Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Don't you think sewer treatment plants
are on the terrorist hit list? 

Blowing up a sewer treatment plant
and key sewer line junctures would
soon make a city unlivable - cholera
would soon become epidemic.

Wise up people.  The terrorist dwell
among us because of our lax legal
immigration policies, failure to
secure our borders, allowing tens
of millions of illegal aliens, including
many Jihadists who are sworn to
destroy America, and all infidels 
(that's you)
who fail to submit to Islam.

And now our fearless Community
Organizer in Chief wants to grant
the whole lot amnesty?

Ironically, before Christmas.
Get the symbolism here?

Whose side is he on? Will the
hapless GOP House cave on this

If they do kiss your A...... good

The equally, hapless cast of
Albany Mayoral candidates
haven't a clue.. or the focus on
public safety and security as
the priority issue in this election.

Computerizing city employee
time sheets won't solve Albany's
fiscal problems, nor will that
keep us safe.

Politically correct politicians
blind to the realities of our
lifetime, since 9-11, are leading
partyline Lemming voters over
the cliff to oblivion.

Watch for coming sales on
prayer rugs.

                       Joseph P Sullivan

                       For Albany Mayor
                       Conservative Row C
                       November 5

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