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Monday, October 7, 2013


Mayor Jennings deserves praise
not scorn for his 2014 City Budget
proposal which cuts expenses and
spending,  no property tax increase
for homeowners, no lay offs of City
workers and 8 million dollars in
the bank.

Sheehan says it is a "terrible budget"
but offers no constructive alternative.

Computerizing employee time sheets
is a job for a time keeper, not a Mayor.

Albany voters deserve to know what

a Sheehan budget would look like
before  the November 5 election.

Sheehan left open the option that
if elected, she would go before 
Governor Cuomo's  Financial
Restructuring Board.

To do so would essentially make
the City of Albany a ward of the
state and throw public employee
unions under the bus regarding
binding arbitration.

The next Mayor of Albany has
to be a leader who will not sell
out city residents and public
employees to a panel controlled
by the Governor.

Dan O' Connell would never 
have done so. Nor will
Joseph P Sullivan, as Mayor.

Mayor Jennings will be a welcome
and vital partner in a  Sullivan 
administration in City Hall.

As Mayor Emeritus, Jennings
will serve as liaison to the
Governor, State Legislature
and NY Congressional Delegation
to obtain the PILOTS due on
city lands occupied by the
State, including the Harriman
State Office Campus; and to
obtain relief from state and
federal unfunded mandates
that negatively impact the
City and city schools.

Mayor Jennings will serve
as liaison with the city schools
and State Education Department
with the aim of  consolidating
the city schools with the city
government, creating one
property tax roll to fund both
returning to a K-8 neighborhood
school system and making the Mayor
responsible/accountable for the
functioning and performance of
the city schools. In addition, Mayor
Emeritus Jennings will be charged
with developing an urban curriculum
that addresses the needs of city
students, including a meaningful
adult education program.

Mayor Emeritus Jennings will
preside at most public functions
and retain his weekly radio show
on Talk 1300. 

Sheehan can snipe at Jennings.
She can tout her boundaryless
management style, but in the
final analysis, Sheehan offers
no real solutions to the issues
vital to the survival of the City
of Albany and all who call
Albany home.

 Security/Public Safety, 
Emergency/Disaster Preparedness 
Education, Energy and property
tax relief are all addressed in
detail by yours truly.

Straight talk. No vague political
speak here!

Sullivan recognizes and values
the life time  of service of Jerry
Jennings to the  City and people
of Albany.

A vote for Sullivan. November 5
is a vote to keep Jerry Jennings
working for you

                          Joseph P Sullivan
                           For Albany Mayor
                           Conservative Row C
                           November 5

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