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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

For Immediate Release  10/2/13

Contact: JPS 438 5230
          LAND BANKS AND
          2013 HUD HOUSING
Joseph P Sullivan Conservative candidate
(ROW C) for Albany Mayor in the November
5 General Election opposes Land Banks
and the 2013 HUD (federal) housing regs
"Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing".
Land Banks erode private property rights
and vest neighborhood revitalization efforts
in political appointees who are not accountable
to neighborhood residents. Fraud and
corruption can result.
The 2013 Federal Housing and Urban
Development agency (HUD) Affirmatively
Furthering Fair Housing Regulations will
override local zoning authority and destroy
The Section 8 Housing Program is a
major factor in the blight of one
neighborhood, after another, in the City
of Albany.
Section 8 is a major factor in erosion
of the city property tax base.
Get the Federal government  out of
education, housing, zoning and land
use decision making. These are local
and state prerogatives to be addressed
by local public officials elected by , and
accountable to, local residents.
Kathy Sheehan  the Democratic-Working
Families Party candidate advocates
a Land Bank and will support the HUD
The most pressing neighborhood needs
in the City of Albany are:
1. Security and public safety
2. Strict enforcement of city speed
    limits in residential neighborhoods
    and cracking down on running
    red lights and stop signs.
3. Reduction and elimination of
    road salt dumping on city
4. Improved snow plowing, snow
    removal in residential neighborhoods.
For more Sullivan positions on issues
vital to the survival of the City and all
who call Albany home, go to:
                       Joseph P Sullivan
                       For Albany Mayor
                       Conservative Row C
                       November 5

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