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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Why does the media keep giving
coverage to a candidate who talks
but offers nothing of substance?

Just more empty, vague poli-speak!

Developing downtown and the
Albany waterfront requires that
the aging sewer / water system
and utility infrastructure be
rehabilitated to accommodate
increased population and

The 787  elevated maze has to
be torn down before a quake
does the job, or before it falls
down on it's own, being a victim
of excessive  dumping of road
over the years.

All of the above is going to
require massive amounts of
money- money that will not
be available anytime soon
if ever.

Yes, there are things that can
be done in the short term:

1. Build a refinery at the Port
    of Albany to refine Dakota
    oil which reaches Albany
    via rail, and which is shipped
    via the Hudson River, elsewhere.

    This will increase the city
     property tax base, add good
     paying jobs and reduce the
     price of gasoline for the
     entire Capital District.

2. Tap into the 765 KV  Quebec
     to NYC hydroelectric power
     line that will be built in the
     near future. This line will
     pass right through Albany.

    Tapping it will further reduce
     power costsfor homeowners
     hospitals, colleges/schools
     businesses, and stimulate the
     increase of manufacturing
     based on clean, reliable

3.  Approve fracking for NY
     natural gas. This will result
     in an economic boom for
     Albany. The Hudson and
     Mohawk Valleys akin the
     the economic impact of
     building the Erie Canal in
     the early 1800's.

     This will result in Albany
     once again serving as a
     major crossroads with
     a focus on manufacturing
     transportation and tourism.

     This will expand the city
      property and sales tax base 
      and provide the needed
      funds to rebuild the aging
      downtown utility infra-
      structure and remove the
      787 maze.

4.   Build a Quincy type market
      on the waterfront and restore
      river boat traffic between
      NYC and Albany to promote
      tourism - get those foreign
      tourists to explore the
      Hudson Valley - America's
      Rhine and all the local
      historical sites that Albany
      and the Capital District have
      to offer.

These things will require a real
leader, with sound ideas, as Mayor
not someone who talks a lot, but
says nothing of substance. 

And, an active Mayor Emeritus
Jerry Jennings, who will (1)
lobby the NYS Congressional
Delegation, Governor and State
Legislature to a) remove federal
and state mandates that burden
the city, city schools and homeowners
and businesses that pay the property
taxes to fund the city and city schools
b) have NYS deliver on the PILOTS
due the City of Albany for the
Harriman State Office Campus
and all other city lands occupied
by NYS.

Additionally, Mayor Emeritus
Jennings will be the City Liaison
with all of  above, to achieve the
consolidation of city schools with
city government. Create one
property tax roll to fund both.
Return to a K-8 neighborhood
school system , with the Mayor
being responsible/accountable
for the city schools. Mayor 
Emeritus Jennings will also
work with the federal and state
education departments to give
Albany more local control
over the city schools, and to
reform the curricula to meet
the needs of our urban students.

These actions with regard to
the city schools, will end the
flight to the suburbs, and attract
people to move back into the
city and rebuild our city

                                 Joseph P Sullivan

                      For Albany Mayor
                      Conservative Row C
                      November 5

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