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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Last night the Hispanic Coalition 
of NY and LULAC teamed up to hold
an Albany Mayoral candidate forum.

A very nice, well organized event
that gave attendees a very clear
picture of where the candidates
stand on a number of issues.

Hopefully, some of the audio or
video will surface so that city
voters may learn more about
the candidates.

I believe that that WAMC Radio
may make audio of the forum 

When the candidates were asked
did they speak any Spanish ? I
answered San Patricios. Blank

After the forum, I asked each
the panelists if they knew who
the St Patricios were. They did

The San Patricios were Irish
who fought against tyranny
and for freedom of the people
of Latin American Latin
American countries.

Example: Mexico. Listen up-

Knowledge of history is a
fundamental prerequisite
for all, particularly those who
look for government to be
the answer to all their needs.

Only one person played
the race card. Would be
candidate Marlon the
Magnificent. An angry, hostile
racist, if ever there was one.

Monica and Nate Lebron
did an outstanding job.

Buenos Dias Amigos.


                Joseph P Sullivan

                For Albany Mayor
                Conservative Row C
                November 5



N Lebron said...

Señor Sullivan:

Thank you for your participation. It was a pleasure having you with us.

One of the unfortunate things about education is that they don't teach how different groups have actually interacted with each other.

I learned of El Regimén de San Patricio a few years ago while attending a Latino-St Patrick's Day celebration in Orange county. They were being recognized.'s_Battalion

We will send you details of the event.

Nathan Lebron

lukeslayton said...

Marlon Anderson's understanding of American history was disturbing. Does he have the United States confused with Australia? The first Americans were "rapists, murders," and otherwise misfit miscreants?! The first Americans were generally either respected tradesmen and farmers who left their European homes for economic opportunity, or they were persecuted and left for religious reasons (or they were slaves). But America was not a penal colony in the way he seemed to indicate.

J P Sullivan said...

Luke. Your assessment of the early settlers of America is spot on.

Marlon's racist interpretation of American history in part of the revisionist"progressive" movement

Marlon's historical view does not
apply to Australia either.

Many Irish, including ancestors of mine, were transported to Australia
by the British as political prisoners. Their crimes often
consisted of stealing bread to feed
their starving families.

Search U tube for a video of the song "The Fields of Athenroy.The song "Wild Colonial Boy" tells of
Ned Kelly who like many others
continued to oppose the tyranny
of the Crown.

The Aussies and New Zealanders
are steadfast allies of the U S.

Fine people they are.

Joe Sullivan

lukeslayton said...

Indeed, no disrespect to Australians intended.
I have heard the Fields of Athenry before but had not paid close enough attention to the lyrics to pick up on the "prison ship waiting in the bay," etc.
Though not primarily of Irish ancestry myself (mainly Scottish and English), I am fond of traditional (nationalist) Irish music and the tongue-in-cheek "God Bless England" is one of my favorites. (
As for education, American public schooling has obviously proven a dismal failure in pretty much every meaningful category. In history and civics in particular though, it has not so much been a failure as a successful concentrated effort to re-educate in a way that supports modern sensitivities to diversity and political correctness.