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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Dredging the Hudson River PCB's is an
enormous waste of  millions of dollars 
and labor which should have been
allocated to rebuilding the aging 
utility/sewer infrastructure
of Albany and other river towns.

Modernizing this infrastructure and 
taking down the 787 elevated highway
 system are essential prerequisites to
redevelopment of Downtown Albany
and the Albany waterfront.

Support fracking for ny natural gas
which will be akin to the building of 
the Erie Canal and the resultant
economic expansion of Albany and
the Erie Canal-Hudson corridor that
occurred in the early 1800's.

Build a refinery at the Port of Albany
to refine Dakota oil.

This is where the funds will be found
 to revitalize downtown and the
 Albany waterfront.

                                          Joe Sullivan
                                          For Albany Mayor 
                                          Conservative Row C
                                          November 5



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