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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Yes, you party line Democrats
who tow the party line every

Are you paying attention to
what your elected, and wannabe
elected, officials and leaders of
your party are doing?

No funding for veterans benefits or
to families who must bury their sons
lost in Afghanistan this past week.

WWII vets denied access to their
war memorial in Washington DC
but the National Mall is opened
to a rally by illegal aliens with
aid of SEIU and AFL CIO and
about 30 Members of Congress -
none of whom went to defense of
the WWII veterans when the latter
were denied access to their war

(Same SEIU that County Exec
Dan McCoy wants to turn over
the county nursing home to)

4 million disabled vets won't get
their disability checks

House and Senate Democrats
block passage of a House CR
that would fund veterans benefits.

Your Community Organizer in Chief
vows to veto the House CR  to fund
veterans benefits,  if it reaches his 

Tonko (who was among the 164
Democrats who voted to block
the House CR to fund benefits)
See earlier roll call- roll of
dishonor- posted earlier on
this website.

Tonko has endorsed Kathy Sheehan
for Albany Mayor. Sheehan does
not rebuke Tonko or stand up for
veterans and their families.

It is a sorry, pathetic lot of voters
who will still vote Democrat on
November 5, putting party
allegiance before America, our
veterans and their families.

Where have you hidden your
Bring Home The Troops, Now
lawn signs?

                       Joseph P Sullivan

                       For Albany Mayor
                       Conservative Row C
                       November 5.

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